Tree Care 

As with all living things, trees will grow until they have reached their full size. In an effort to keep your tree in its best condition and suitable for the location it is growing in, work can be undertaken to manage their size and shape.

Crown Raising


This may be undertaken to increase the clearance between ground level and the lower branches of a tree. Benefits may be to allow better access below the tree or to allow more light beneath the tree, or it may be required to give adequate clearance over a public footpath or road.

Crown reductions

Trees and shrubs can often get too tall, broad or become lopsided. Circumstances such as disease, restricted sunlight or incorrect planting and pruning can cause a tree to grow to an undesirable shape. Trees are also often planted with the best intentions, but if the wrong species was selected, the tree can easily start to outgrow the space available. With a careful reduction, the height and spread of the tree can be managed to prolong the life of the tree.

Crown thinning


Crown thinning is a pruning technique which involves the selective removal of stems and branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of the tree.

Deadwooding/Crown Cleaning


The removal of dead, dying, diseased or damaged wood. This also includes removing crossing branches that rub together, epicormic growth and unwanted climbing plants in the crown, such as ivy.