The Agg Arborists Terms & Conditions


All works are covered by a £5 million Third Party Public Liability Insurance.


The works will be carried out to British Standard 3998.  All quotations and estimates are without obligation.


A contract takes effect on acceptance by the client, either verbally or in writing, of the quotation provided by The Agg Arborists.


All quotations are valid for up to three months at which time the price could be subject to alteration.


The Agg Arborists may engage a third party contractor to carry out works on our behalf.


An invoice will be issued for all work completed.  Payment for all invoices is to be settled by bank transfer within 10 day of issuance of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing by The Agg Arborists.


Payment may be made by cash or cheques at the time of our site visit.


Late payment may incur an administration charge of £25+vat, plus interest at the rate of the Bank of England Base Rate+5%.  Non payment may result in our debt collection process and possible Court action.


A Client has the right to cancel the contract prior to work commencing. In these circumstances the following charges may apply:
• At least one week notice given – no charge
• Less than 1 week notice given – 10% of the contract value
• Prior day cancellation – 25% of the contract value
• Same day cancellation – 33% of the contract value
In addition, any expenses incurred will also be payable, e.g. for the hire of special machinery or additional resources.


The Agg Arborists quotations provided without a site visit are reliant upon the honest and reasonably accurate description of the job by the client, particularly with reference to the number and size of trees / stumps, access for machinery, and structures around trees.


Where a site survey has been conducted, changes to the site conditions from the initial survey is a breach of the contract and will invalidate the quotation.


In either circumstances, where the job is found to be significantly greater than originally agreed, or not possible to carry out safely, the quotation is deemed to be invalid and a new quotation may be provided, or The Agg Arborists may choose to decline to carry out the job.


If a new quotation is provided but not agreed by the client then the job is deemed to be cancelled by the client and a same day cancellation fee of up to 33% of the contract value may apply.


If we request special access or parking facilities as part of our quotation, then failure to provide this may result in additional charges or an abortive visit fee of up to 25% of the original quotation.


The client is fully responsible for informing their neighbours of any tree works, which will affect them or their trees along the specified boundaries.


Any access to neighbours gardens to be able to complete works is also the responsibility of the client to arrange in advance.

Failure to provide this may result in additional charges or an abortive visit fee of up to 25% of the original quotation, if works are hampered by refusal of access to neighbours property when necessary.


Payment of cancellation charges and/or abortive visit fees do not count as payment towards any invoice or subsequent rebooking, for which a new quotation and contract will be issued.


We cannot take responsibility for the eventuality of finding hidden obstructions in the centre of or around a tree or stump (such as concrete, iron or steel). However, we will endeavour to overcome any problems of this nature as efficiently as possible.


If a TPO exists on the subject trees you must inform us prior to work commencing. It is the client’s responsibility to gain all relevant permissions.


Where it is not possible to complete grinding of the stump, the area around the obstruction, and possibly anything obstructed by it, will remain intact.


When stump grinding is specified it is carried out to a depth of 6 to 9 inches below ground level. We may choose to grind deeper in certain circumstances, where it is possible.  There is no tracing of lateral roots unless specified and agreed in quotation.


Removal of brash, branches and logs etc are as per the agreed quotation.


All spoil and subsequent debris arising from stump grinding is left on site.


The Agg Arborists liability is limited to the value of the contract.  The Agg Arborists cannot accept liability for consequential losses/damages.


The Agg Arborists cannot accept liability for any damage to services such as Gas, Water, Electricity, Drainage or Telephone/Data lines unless these have been clearly and accurately identified to us at the time of contract.


On certain soil types the removal or major pruning of a tree can result in building heave or subsidence.  This area is beyond our scope of in depth knowledge and it would be the responsibility of the client to seek the expert opinion of the appropriate professional.


The Agg Arborists shall take the necessary steps to ensure that the site is left reasonably clear and tidy on completion of the works, notwithstanding the spoil arising from grinding remains on site.


The Agg Arborists reserve the right to postpone or cancel works that are deemed to be a potential hazard; or during dangerous weather conditions; or where it may interfere with the safe retention of wildlife habitats; or are compromised by unforeseen circumstances.