Whether you need a tree or hedge that has gown too big removing or just reducing in size, or a storm has damaged your trees, we are here to assist. Below are the services we offer so use our contact form to request a site visit where we will be able to see the situation and offer advice as well as preparing you a quote for works.

Tree Removal
Occasionally the best or only solution is to remove whole trees. Whether it is due to the tree being dead or diseased, or it has outgrown its surroundings to the point of becoming a risk, there are two main methods of tree removal - Tree Felling or Tree Dismantling
Stump Removal


We can deal with any size stumps. We can grind out stumps completely along with any lateral roots if feasible and desired. We can either remove excess arisings if required or leave them to be spread over other beds to provide added nutrients to the soil.
Tree Care
As with all living things, trees will grow until they have reached their full size. In an effort to keep your tree in its best condition and suitable for the location it is growing in, work can be undertaken to manage their size and shape.
Hedge Services
We take great pride in our hedge trimming work and enjoy returning to give hedges their seasonal trim. Some hedges we trim once and some twice per year, depending on clients’    wishes.
Storm Damage
Bad weather and storms can cause tremendous amounts of damage to trees and weaken them to the point where they can’t be salvaged. During a bad storm, even seemingly healthy and well maintained trees can suffer either losing branches or totally failing, occasionally lifting the root plate in the process.
Firewood and Woodchip
We produce air dried, seasoned hard and soft wood logs, mostly from the trees we have had to remove during the course of our tree surgery work. In this way, we are able to recycle the waste timber into a quality, useable fuel.